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assage ‎(plural assages)

  1. (slang) Whimsical term for ass in the sense of buttocks and in related idioms.
    That runner had some nice assage.
    That song kicks major assage.
    That song sucks major assage.
    • 2003:Pat Hayes, blog entry for August 9, 2003 in PatHayes.Net
      Nice tattoed Baby Dolls
      - Nice Assage
      - The Thong Zone! Saweeet Mary
    • 2002:LDVDG in a captured IM chat
      [S]he's a skinny white girl. [T]he chances for nice assage are slim.
    • 2001:blog entry October 31, 2001
      The Bostonians (from Boston College), sucks [sic] major assage. Okay, well, they don't completely suck major assage, but they still weren't that good.
    • 1996:Orgillon in
      Show Up Early This Show Gonna Kick Some Major Assage.

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