assal horizontology

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Coined on the TV show The Simpsons in 1995, as a quasi-medical term. See ass, horizontal, -ology.


assal horizontology (uncountable)

  1. (humorous, rare) The act of sitting around doing nothing for long periods of time.
    • 1995 November 5, “King-Size Homer”, in The Simpsons, season 7, episode 7:
      Dr. Nick Riviera: "I recommend a slow, steady gorging process, combined with assal horizontology."
    • 17 December 2000, Talen, “Re: [GRIT] Sleepers Unbound (Was: The Last Day ~ The Dawn of Atlantis)”, in rec.arts.anime.misc, Usenet[1]:
      Just as Yohann is restored to his proper state of Assal Horizontology, an audible cricking noise - his knuckles and neck - rings around the hall.
    • 24 February 2001, The IRS, “Re: Comic Book Guy Trivia”, in, Usenet[2]:
      what does he have a degree in? / Assal horizontology.
    • 14 March 2002, Billy J. Dancefloor, “Re: tonight's episode (3-13-02)”, in, Usenet[3]:
      Don't forget the Choco-tastic!!! / assal horizontology.