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Alternative forms


From the slang expression have one's head up one's ass, thus, wearing the ass as a hat. The term is extended to people who are clueless or bumbling, who don't understand what is going on.



asshat (plural asshats)

  1. (Canada, US, derogatory, slang, vulgar) An obnoxiously ignorant person; a fool.
    • 1998 July 23, T..., “Re: GREEN RIVER NARROWS, NC: ALL PUTINS CLOSED!!”, in, Usenet[1], retrieved 2018-10-04, message-ID <6p7j7t$r21$>:
      the same connotations as "FUCKWITS." for less extreme cases i suggest ASSHATS
    • 1999 July 23, madge, “California Hustle,”, in, Usenet[2], retrieved 2018-10-04, message-ID <>:
      1977 CHiPs 3 3/4" action figures (5 different: Ponch, Jon, Sarge,Jimmy Squeaks, Stupid Fucking Asshat Erik Mouse, and Wheels Willie) $10-15 each
    • 2007, John Hargrave, Prank the Monkey: The Zug Book of Pranks[3], Citadel Press, →ISBN, page 188,
      Anyone who would make a claim like this on national TV is a real asshat.


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