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Bahuvrihi compound of ass +‎ wipe



asswipe (countable and uncountable, plural asswipes)

  1. (Canada, US, informal, vulgar) An annoying, contemptible, or worthless person.
    He is such an asswipe!
    • 1996, Timothy Jay, What to Do When Your Students Talk Dirty, page 207:
      ...they have been exchanging insults in writing: "dickhead," "dillweed," "fuzzbutt," "dorkwad," "asswipe," and so forth.
  2. (Canada, US, informal, vulgar, uncountable) Toilet paper.
    • 1976, Micheal Clodfelter, The Pawns of Dishonor,[1] Branden Press, →ISBN, page 249:
      I rapidly expended my own and everyone else’s supply of tiny C-ration rolls of asswipe and was reduced to wiping my nasty behind with leaves and grass.
    • 1983, Nicholas Proffitt, Gardens of Stone,[2] Carroll & Graf, →ISBN, page 317:
      [] Into your packs you put your toilet articles, mess kits, extra socks, and skivvies and longjohns if you have them. If you have a roll of asswipe, put that in, too. []
    • 2008, Joseph Heywood, Death Roe: A Woods Cop Mystery,[3][4] Globe Pequot, →ISBN, page 252:
      “I doubt a dime would buy a single square of asswipe in this city, []
  3. (informal, Canada, US, figuratively, derogatory) A periodical which has the habit of publishing questionable truths.
    Our local paper is an asswipe.