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From asymptote +‎ -ic.



asymptotic (not comparable)

  1. (mathematics) Pertaining to values or properties approached at infinity.
    • 2011, Soon-Mo Jung, Hyers–Ulam–Rassias Stability of Functional Equations in Nonlinear Analysis, Springer ISBN 9781441996367, page 130
      F. Skof investigated an interesting asymptotic property of the additive functions (see Theorem 2.34). In fact, she proved that a function f : E1 → E2 is additive if and only if ‖f(x + y) − f(x) − f(y)‖ → 0 as ‖x‖ + ‖y‖ → ∞, where E1 is a normed space and E2 is a Banach space.
    • 2011, Vera Koponen, "Some connections between finite and infinite model theory", Finite and Algorithmic Model Theory, Cambridge University Press ISBN 978-0-521-71820-2, page 110
      More recently, a direction of research initiated by Macpherson and Steinhorn [28] and continued by Elwes [13, 14] and Ryten studies classes of finite structures in which definable sets have a uniform asymptotic behaviour, as the cardinalities of the universes increase.


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