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atmosphære (plural atmosphæres)

  1. Obsolete form of atmosphere.
    • 1783, Michell, Mr. Michell on the Means of diſcovering the Diſtance, Magnitude, &c. of the Fixed Stars, &c. from Philosophical Transactions, page 49:
      Now, if I am right in ſuppoſing the light of the ſun to proceed from a luminous atmoſphære, which muſt neceſſarily diffuſe itſelf equally over the whole ſurface, and I think there can be very little doubt that this is really the caſe, this conſtitution cannot well take place in thoſe ſtars, which are in ſome degree periodically more and leſs luminous, ſuch as that in Collo Ceti, &c.



atmosphære f (plural atmosphæres)

  1. Obsolete form of atmosphère.