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Etymology 1[edit]

attitude (noun) +‎ -ed


attituded (comparative more attituded, superlative most attituded)

  1. Having an attitude.
    • 1988, Jim Thomas, Prisoner Litigation: The Paradox of the Jailhouse Lawyer[1], page 234:
      [GM:] If he feels that he's not getting [service], then he might just change clerks, you know, get a better attituded clerk, one who will work better.
    • 2010, John Donald Wade, Donald Davidson (editor), Southern Humor, in Selected Essays and Other Writings of John Donald Wade, page 57,
      They know that the southerner is in many ways bilingual, bi-mental, bi (if I may say so) attituded; he speaks his own language and the dialect, his own thoughts and the Negro's thoughts; he has a sentiment for the Negro that the northerner cannot diagmose except as detestation and at the same time a sentiment for him that the northerner cannot diagnose except as affection.

Etymology 2[edit]

See attitude (verb)



  1. simple past tense and past participle of attitude