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From auka- (extra, additional) +‎ stafur (character, letter).



aukastafur m (genitive singular aukastafs, nominative plural aukastafir)

  1. (mathematics) a numeral appearing in the fractional part of a number written in positional notation (i.e. after the radix point), e.g. a numeral in some decimal place in a decimal number

Usage notes[edit]

This word refers to the numerals themselves rather than their positions, so its meaning is not quite the same as that of English decimal place or place; however, it is often used in similar contexts, such as when counting decimal places, e.g. námunda að þremur aukastöfum (to round to three decimal places).


See also[edit]

  • hækka upp (to round up, to change a number by removing decimals and incrementing the last decimal: 16.666 → 16.7)
  • jafna út (to raise or lower the value of a number by removing decimals)