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From fraction +‎ -al.


  • enPR: frăkʹshənəl, IPA(key): /ˈfɹæk.ʃən.əl/


fractional (comparative more fractional, superlative most fractional)

  1. Pertaining to a fraction.
  2. Divided; fragmentary; incomplete.
  3. Very small; minute.
    • 1987, Bill Knox, A Flight from Paris (page 93)
      The two women exchanged a glance, then a fractional nod of agreement.
  4. (chemistry) Relating to a process or product of fractional distillation.

Derived terms[edit]



fractional (plural fractionals)

  1. (grammar) An expression of a fractional number.
    In English, most ordinals double as fractionals — "third", "fourth", and so on — with the exception of "second", whose corresponding fractional is "half".
  2. Partial ownership of a property, such as real estate or a chartered airplane, such that each partial owner has use of the property for only a portion of the time.
    A fractional is much more expensive than a traditional timeshare, but to many people, it's worth it.
  3. (chemistry) Relating to a fraction in a material distillation or separation process.