aunt fucker

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Alternative forms[edit]


aunt fucker (plural aunt fuckers)

  1. (vulgar, rare) Motherfucker (generic term of abuse).
    • 1999, Timothy Jay, Why We Curse, p 240
      And one has to wonder about the difference between “aunt fucker” and []
    • 2003, Fatha Jack, Re: We is all Africans, innit. Group: alt.religion.wicca
      Fuck off, racist. hes a missouri aunt fucker!
    • 2001, sumbeotch, Re: DEVILDOG AND HIS FLUNKIES Group: alt.elvis.king
      OH and take those kotex folding aunt fuckers with you ok?
    • 2011, J. P. Davidson, Planet Word
      So in Catholic Brazil you'll get references to the Holy Mother; in Asian cultures, where the family is honoured, you get outbursts like 'shitty grandma' or 'aunt fucker'.

Coordinate terms[edit]