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auto- +‎ chef


autochef (plural autochefs)

  1. (science fiction) A machine that prepares and dispenses meals.
    • 1984, Edward Cornish, Habitats tomorrow: homes and communities in an exciting new era:
      Obediently, the autochef prepares each selection. But father knows that the House Brain, while presently silenced, never forgets and will be sure to prescribe an exhausting workout.
    • 1999, John Gregory Betancourt, Johnny Zed:
      Dinner was an elegant five-course meal whipped up on the spur of the moment by the autochef, and afterward Shelly's parents wanted her to watch vids with them.
    • 2002, Keith Brooke, Keepers of the Peace:
      Cupboards, washers, cooking equipment; I stopped myself from adding consoles, autochefs and other basics to the list. This was Earth.