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auto- +‎ defenestration


autodefenestration (uncountable)

  1. (rare, nonce word) The act of hurling oneself from a window.
    • 1986, “Rich Relations”, in New York Magazine, volume 19, number 18:
      She climbs out on a window ledge and threatens autodefenestration if the marriage isn't contracted, and is soon joined on the ledge by Jill.
    • 2002, Ian Lauchlan, Russian hide-and-seek: the tsarist secret police in St. Petersburg, 1906-1914:
      Ipana, a leading practitioner of feline-autodefenestration, also helped, I think.
    • 1995, Denis Ashton Warner, Wake me if there's trouble:
      ...Lindesay had the misfortune to fall out of a window, which elicited from the Times a memorable cable, which said simply: 'Cease autodefenestration.'

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