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auto- +‎ fit


autofit (third-person singular simple present autofits, present participle autofitting, simple past and past participle autofitted)

  1. (transitive, computing) To fit automatically by resizing.
    • 2010, Ann Shaffer, Patrick Carey, Kathleen T. Finnegan, New Perspectives on Microsoft Office 2010, First Course (page 17)
      Another option is to autofit the row's height (or the column's width) to match its content. Autofitting eliminates empty space by matching the row height or column width to its tallest or longest cell entry.
    • 2013, Tom Urtis, Excel VBA 24-Hour Trainer, page 117:
      In the following example, when you right-click a cell in column E, the current date and time are entered into that cell, and column E's width is autofitted []