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Alternative forms[edit]


From auto- +‎ plagiarism


autoplagiarism (uncountable)

  1. The republishing or resubmitting of one's own work as if it were original.
    • 1818, Eaton Stannard Barrett, Woman: A Poem, page 9:
      A few lines are likewise borrowed from poems which I had written on ephemeral occasions. In this auto-plagiarism, I can quote a Virgil and a Byron for authority.
    • 1894, The Auk, volume 11, page 167:
      We should say much more in the present instance, had it not fallen to our reviewing lot to have spoken quite to the point before, and we must not be guilty of plagiarizing — no, not even of auto-plagiarism.
    • 1910, The Writer, volume 22, page 172:
      Is autoplagiarism a crime, or a sin, or a fault, or a foible? Town Topics calls attention to "the boldness that has been exhibited by Alfred Henry Lewis in the gentle art of filching from his own published works to lighten the burdens of authorship."