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avian +‎ -ize


avianize (third-person singular simple present avianizes, present participle avianizing, simple past and past participle avianized)

  1. (medicine) To attenuate (something such as a virus, for example for use in a vaccine) by repeatedly culturing it in bird embryos.
    • 1994, Encyclopedia of Virology, volume 3, page 1267:
      In Japan a lapinized/avianized vaccine was developed which was used extensively to control the disease in Asia. [.].. The Onderstepoort strain was attenuated by growth in avian cells [...]
  2. (rare) To make avian; to make bird-like or into a bird.
    • 1922, Edward Winslow Gifford, Californian Kinship Terminologies, page 408:
      [] In the third stratum dances the spirits impersonated in the kuksuyu and kilaki, which elsewhere are regarded as anthropomorphic deity and dragon respectively, are by the Central and some Northern Miwok identified with birds, the kuksuyu with a shore bird, the kilaki with a hawk. This is perhaps a manifestation of the tendency to avianize even the new dances of the third or Ghost-Dance stratum.


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