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avouch +‎ -ment


avouchment (countable and uncountable, plural avouchments)

  1. The act of avouching.
    • 1649, John Milton, Eikonoklastes, p. 5,[1]
      While in the judgement of wise Men, by laying the foundation of his defence on the avouchment of that which is so manifestly untrue, he hath giv’n a worse soile to his own cause, then when his whole Forces were at any time overthrown.
  2. A positive declaration.
    • 1959, Richard H. Rovere, Senator Joe McCarthy, Cleveland: Meridian, 1963, “What He Was and What He Did—1,” p. 31,[2]
      Under oath, at the Army-McCarthy hearings, he denied ever having said this. His denials were as meaningless as his avouchments, and reputable journalists heard him.