ba-dum ching

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Alternative forms[edit]


Imitating a drum roll and cymbal crash played as a comic sting.


ba-dum ching

  1. (humorous) Used to underscore or acknowledge a joke.
    • 2005, Julie Kenner, Night Moves:
      She gave it a little spin as it came off her right arm, then sent it flying. It landed on his head with aplomb, and she laughed. "Ba-dum, ching!"
    • 2006, Mark Mulvey, Where There's a Will, There's Away... Messages:
      Boy, it looks like the average Viagra consumer has some stiff competition. (ba-dum ching!)
    • 2009, Michael Fontaine, Funny Words in Plautine Comedy:
      ...a painfully obvious joke that, in modern performance, is punctuated by a ba-dum ching! drum roll and cymbal crash to coincide with the collective groan of the audience.

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