back of beyond

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back of beyond

  1. (chiefly Britain and Australia, informal) A very remote place.
    • 1816, Sir Walter Scott, The Antiquary:
      "and you, wi’ some o’ your auld-warld stories, that the mind o’ man canna resist, whirl’d them to the back o’ beyont to look at the auld Roman camp"
    • 1882, Rolf Boldrewood, Robbery Under Arms:
      It was a regular outside bush township, and though the distance oughtn't to have much to say to people's honesty, you'll mostly find that these far-out back-of-beyond places have got men and women to match 'em.
    • 1920, Margaret Pedler, The Hermit of Far End:
      "I thought I should like to go near the sea — to some quite tiny country place at the back of beyond."