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backwoods +‎ -y


backwoodsy (comparative more backwoodsy, superlative most backwoodsy)

  1. (US) Typical of something or someone from the backwoods
    • 1989 March 3, John A. Jenkins, “High Stakes”, in Chicago Reader[1]:
      Johnson, 45 years old with thinning blond hair, was a strapping, cigar-smoking man from Owensboro, Kentucky, who still spoke in a kind of slow, backwoodsy drawl.
    • 1994 April 8, Peter Margasak, “Kahil El'Zabar, Malachi Favors, Billy Bang”, in Chicago Reader[2]:
      Bang's rough violin scrapes convey a backwoodsy ruralism, recalling the rootsy fiddle playing of southern prewar black string bands [] .


Derived terms[edit]