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Alternative forms[edit]


bacteria +‎ -ize


bacterize (third-person singular simple present bacterizes, present participle bacterizing, simple past and past participle bacterized)

  1. To treat with bacteria.
    • 1915, New Zealand Journal of Agriculture, volume 9, page 23:
      An analysis was made of the mixture of active bacterized peat and soil at the commencement of incubation as well as at the end.
    • 1917, Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Hawaiian Sugar Planters, volume 36:
      We are going to bacterize about a ton of press cake and try it out on cane in the field, and see if we can notice differences.
    • 2002, Biological Control of Crop Diseases, page 16:
      This suspension may also be used to bacterize plants as foliar sprays. Biocontrol agents thus applied have been effective in bringing about significant suppression of several serious foliar rice diseases.

Derived terms[edit]