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Alternative forms


badunkadunk (plural badunkadunks)

  1. (African American Vernacular) Voluptuous buttocks, especially of a woman.
    • 2005, Tommie Shelby, “Ain't (Just) 'bout da Booty”, in Hip-Hop and Philosophy: Rhyme 2 Reason[1], ↑ISBN, page 21:
      Within this conception of love, Socrates still finds a place for sex without making the badunkadunk the central focus.
    • 2006, April 26, “Amelia Robinson”, in A plan to make civility worth the weight[2], page D7:
      This all being said, big is beautiful — I recognize that every time I pass a mirror and rejoice at the sight of my own plentiful badunkadunk.
    • 2006, October, Guy test-drive: one man mouths off about the August issue.[3]:
      From a small and tight butt to a badunkadunk, just about every type of booty will attract guys.


  • American Chronicle, Ripped from the Orlando Headlines: "There is Somebody Who is Taping Women's Rear Ends", by Deanne Schulz, February 29, 2008, access date 29-03-08. "There is, however, one unfortunate person on the UCF campus with the last name BUTTS, and there are plenty of stories about UCF teams getting their ASSES kicked and being at the BOTTOM of some rankings. Booty, hiney, badunkadunk, posterior, arse, bootay, buns, junk in the trunk...nothing!"