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baldachin (plural baldachins)

  1. Alternative spelling of baldacchin
    • 1903, John Leslie Garner, Lucretia Borgia[1], translation of original by Ferdinand Gregorovius:
      She rode beneath a purple baldachin, which the doctors of Ferrara--that is, the members of the faculties of law, medicine, and mathematics--supported in turn.
    • 1908, Major W. E Frye, After Waterloo: Reminiscences of European Travel 1815-1819[2]:
      The bronze that formerly ornamented this temple was made use of to fabricate the baldachin of St Peter's.
    • 1928, J. K. Huysmans, La-bas[3]:
      People will spend thirty thousand francs on an altar baldachin, and ruin themselves for music, and they have to have gas in their churches, and Lord knows what all besides, but when you mention bells they shrug their shoulders.



baldachin m (plural baldachini)

  1. contraption, gadget
  2. canopy