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From Middle English canope, from Latin cōnōpēum (curtain) (ultimately from Ancient Greek κωνωπεῖον (kōnōpeîon) (konopeion)), through Medieval Latin canopeum, or possibly Old French conope, conopé (compare modern French canapé).



canopy (plural canopies)

  1. A high cover providing shelter, such as a cloth supported above an object, particularly over a bed.
    • Dryden
      golden canopies and beds of state
  2. Any overhanging or projecting roof structure, typically over entrances or doors.
  3. The zone of the highest foliage and branches of a forest.
  4. In an airplane, the transparent cockpit cover.
  5. In a parachute, the cloth that fills with air and thus limits the falling speed.



canopy (third-person singular simple present canopies, present participle canopying, simple past and past participle canopied)

  1. To cover with or as if with a canopy.
    • Milton
      A bank with ivy canopied.
  2. To go through the canopy of a forest on a zipline.

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