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The marquise (sense 4) of Brasserie des Brotteaux.
A chocolate marquise (sense 6).


Borrowed from French marquise.


marquise (plural marquises)

  1. (chiefly historical) A marchioness, especially one who is French.
    Synonym: marchioness
    • 2009 February 14, Emine Saner, “She was a mass of contradictions - we all are”, in The Guardian[1]:
      In 1986, she appeared in the stage adaptation of Les Liaisons Dangereuse opposite Alan Rickman, playing the manipulative marquise whose icy demeanour seems to have clung to Duncan's image like frost ever since, even though it is so at odds with her warmth in person.
  2. A marquee.
  3. (jewelry) An oval cut diamond with pointed ends.
  4. (architecture) A canopy, usually of glass, set as a shelter over a door opening onto a terrace or pavement.
    • 1907 August, Robert W[illiam] Chambers, chapter I, in The Younger Set, New York, N.Y.: D. Appleton & Company, OCLC 24962326:
      The house was a big elaborate limestone affair, evidently new. Winter sunshine sparkled on lace-hung casement, on glass marquise, and the burnished bronze foliations of grille and door.
  5. (historical) A style of parasol of the mid-19th century.
  6. (cooking) A rich dessert made with dark chocolate, butter, sugar, cocoa powder, eggs, and cream.

Derived terms[edit]



Feminine of marquis.


  • IPA(key): /maʁ.kiz/
  • (file)


marquise f (plural marquises)

  1. marchioness (a member of foreign nobility)
  2. (by extension) a type of finger-ring
  3. (architecture) awning, marquee (projecting canopy over an entrance)
    Synonym: auvent


  • English: marquise
  • German: Markise
  • Portuguese: marquise

Further reading[edit]



From French marquise.



marquise f (plural marquises)

  1. canopy (overhanging or projecting roof structure)