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A man with a parachute.


Borrowed from French parachute, from para- (protection against) (as in parasol) and chute (fall).



parachute (plural parachutes)

  1. (aviation) A device, generally constructed from fabric, that is designed to employ air resistance to control the fall of an object.
  2. (zoology) A web or fold of skin extending between the legs of gliding mammals, such as the flying squirrel and colugo.
  3. (BDSM) A small collar which fastens around the scrotum and from which weights can be hung.
    • 2013, Mistress Peggy Sue, Guide to Female Supremacy (page 75)
      Parachutes are usually made of leather and can be purchased through most fetish catalogs or stores catering to the BDSM scene.

Derived terms[edit]