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A baldpate (person) with a baldpate.
A baldpate (bird)


bald +‎ pate


baldpate (plural baldpates)

  1. A bald-headed person.
    • c. 1603–1604, Shakespeare, William, Measure for Measure, act 5, scene 1, line 324:
      Come hither, goodman baldpate.
    • 2016 November 7, Wen, Philip, “Crown Casino's Chinese middle-man to VIP high rollers was among arrests”, in[1]:
      A baldpate with an often aloof demeanour, Tian is one of Crown's most lucrative private junket operators, effectively a middleman who recommends wealthy Chinese high rollers in return for a commission.
  2. A bald head.
    • 2013 September 16, Vargas-Cooper, Natasha, “What If the Best Remedy for a Broken Family Is No Family at All?”, in Pacific Standard[2]:
      Peri is in his 70s and has a thick silver mustache and a baldpate covered by a yarmulke.
  3. A bird, the American wigeon (Anas americana).
    • 2015 August 19, “Bird-shooting season opens this weekend”, in Jamaica Observer[3]:
      The Baldpate and White-winged Dove are two of the four game birds that can be hunted during the 2015 bird-shooting season.