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ball +‎ hawk


ballhawk (plural ballhawks)

  1. (sports) A player who handles the ball skilfully
  2. (baseball, chiefly in Chicago) A person who specializes in catching home-run and foul balls.
    • 2001 October 5, Deanna Isaacs, “Oddballs and True Believers/Film Center's New Marquee Player”, in Chicago Reader[1]:
      They documented Waveland Avenue's ballhawk culture, where Moe Mullins, who's recovered more than 3,500, is king, and followed him home to gape at his bounty: 1,000 major-league balls hoarded like dinosaur eggs.
    • 2007 July 18, Lee Jenkins, “At Wrigley, Fans Debate What to Do With a Ball”, in New York Times[2]:
      Last season, when the Giants came to town, a noted ballhawk named Wes Wagner scored tickets in the first row of the bleacher boxes in right field.