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balloon +‎ -y


balloony (comparative balloonier, superlative ballooniest)

  1. Tending to balloon
    • 1861, Various, Atlantic Monthly Volume 7, No. 40, February, 1861[1]:
      His low-cut shirt-collar and narrow silken neck-tie were in the style called "English," as quite decidedly, also, were his cross-barred trousers of balloony build; nor, although thus flinging himself for diversion into the vortex of the lower crowd, had he foregone the luxury of tan-colored kid gloves and patent-leather shoes.
    • 2004 July 2, Fred Camper, “The City, Brick by Brick”, in Chicago Reader[2]:
      Above the word is part of "Central," rendered in a dated balloony script, underlining the archaic nature of Gross's subject.