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  1. present participle of bamboo


bambooing (countable and uncountable, plural bambooings)

  1. A flogging with a bamboo cane.
    • 1934, George Orwell, chapter 9, in Burmese Days[1]:
      'Oh, well,' said Ellis, 'if they won't come up to the scratch you can always get hold of the ringleaders and give them a good bambooing on the Q.T.
  2. (engineering) A ridged surface texture, like that of bamboo, caused by manufacturing problems.
    • 1972, Journal of the Institute of Metals, Vol. 100, p. 81, [2]
      Bambooing at low temperatures is apparently due to the formation of an unstable hydrodynamic film.
  3. Painting (furniture, etc.) to give it the appearance of bamboo.
    • 1994, Penny Swift, The Complete Book of Paint Techniques, New Holland, p. 67, [3]
      The most suitable subjects for bambooing are turned or cane furniture, rounded mouldings and light, wooden picture frames.