banker's dozen

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A play on the phrase baker's dozen; it is one less than a dozen as compared to one more. See also bankers' hours.


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banker's dozen

  1. (idiomatic, uncommon) Eleven
    • 1899, The Arena - Volume 21, page 195:
      Not a low baker's dozen, you will perceive, but two high banker's dozen !
    • 1960, United States. Congress. House. Select Committee on Small Business, Small Business Problems in Food Distribution:
      There were 11 in number (a reference has been made to them as constituting a banker's dozen), representing the following organizations :
    • 1968, JOH, Journal of Housing - Volume 25, page 432:
      It concludes with a banker's dozen of 11 items labeled "What to Read" — a well chosen list on the urban, technological disruption of man's life and the earth's biosphere.
    • 1981, David Black, The King of Fifth Avenue: the fortunes of August Belmont, page 240:
      Caroline arranged to have appear at her concert a banker's dozen (eleven) of New York's most admired amateur and professional musicians, including the alluring divorcee Fanny Ronalds, who — it was rumored — was accomplished in arts more erotic than the one she would demonstrate that night.
    • 2009, Ben Bova, The Precipice, →ISBN:
      George counted eleven of them. A banker's dozen, he said to himself.