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barebum (not comparable)

  1. Alternative spelling of bare-bum
    • 1986 July 19, H. Gordon Green, "Here's a naked truth", Toronto Star:
      Remembering how even the pious people accepted nude bathing 65 years ago, I'm somewhat confused as to why, in this age when Penthouse, Playboy, Playgirl and the rest are never far out of reach, and are so close to respectability that an interview with a president may be featured in Playboy or one with Jerry Falwell may make the pages of Penthouse - why so many people still get up tight because a few other people want to hang their clothes on a hickory limb and go barebum in the water.
    • 1990, John Harvey, The Legend of Captain Space, Collins (1990), →ISBN, page 34:
      But up went the barebum baby, over their heads like a chuckling moon.
    • 2009 June 5, "Eminem confirms Bruno barebum stunt was staged", Asian News International:
      Eminem has confirmed that Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno barebum stunt at the weekend's MTV Movie Awards was staged.