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Alternative forms[edit]


bare +‎ bum.


bare-bum (not comparable)

  1. (literally) With one's bottom exposed, as for a spanking or a mooning.
  2. (by extension) Stark naked.
    • 1992, Louise Leblanc, Maddie in Goal (trans. Sarah Cummins), Formac (1992; original French book published 1991), →ISBN, page 12:
      "Of course I do, Gran! Julian is always walking around bare-bum. I know all about boys and girls. And love and babies and all."
    • 1992, Martie Sterling, "My Last, Last Run", Ski, April 1992:
      Having never experienced communal bare-bum soaking European style, I was sure I'd wandered into the men's room.
    • 2009, John B. Duffield, A Cry for Help[1], →ISBN, page 21:
      We discovered trout and bears and foxes. And bees[sic] nests! Not to mention how to swim bare-bum down rocky falls.