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bar +‎ -less


barless (not comparable)

  1. Lacking bars
    • 1883, Richard Francis Burton and Verney Lovett Cameron, To The Gold Coast for Gold, Vol. II[1]:
      The French have re-occupied a fort twenty miles up the pretty barless river, the outlet of a great lagoon; it was abandoned during the Prusso-Gallic war.
    • 1922, Enos Herbert Glynne Roberts, The Story of the "9th King's" in France[2]:
      Such an ardour possessed the men for the fight that in some it reached the pitch of fear lest they should arrive too late upon the battlefield and receive only a barless medal.
  2. Lacking a bar
    • 2000 July 14, Done Rose, “The Grub Game”, in Chicago Reader[3]:
      The regulars were left barless but, like the White Russians of Paris and the Cubans of Miami, they religiously awaited the day they could return.