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Scottish Gaelic[edit]


barrachd f (genitive singular barrachd, plural barrachdan)

  1. surplus
  2. (dated) superiority



  1. more

Usage notes[edit]

  • Followed by a noun in the genitive case or the preposition de and a noun in the dative case:
    barrachd eòlais - more knowledge
    barrachd de bhàrr - more crops
  • Prepositional pronouns derived from de and aig are use instead of personal pronouns:
    barrachd dhiubh/barrachd aca - more of them
  • Used in the sense "more than before", "more than somebody/something else", "more than necessary" etc:
    Fhuair mi barrachd airgid am bliadhna. - I got more money this year. (= than last year, than usual etc)
    Tha barrachd ùine a dhìth orm. - I need more time. (= than was allotted me)
    Chan eil sinn ag iarraidh barrachd air sin. - We don't want more than that.
  • In the sense "additional", tuilleadh is used instead:
    Gheibh mi tuilleadh airgid am bliadhna. - I'll get more money this year. (= in addition to what I already have)

Derived terms[edit]