a bharrachd

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Scottish Gaelic[edit]


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a bharrachd

  1. in addition, as well, beside, besides, either
    Chan eil mi ag iarraidh càil a bharrachd. - I don't want anything else.
    Dè na h-òrain as toil leat a bharrachd iad seo? - Which songs do you like besides these?
    Cha robh e òg, agus cha robh e slàn a bharrachd. - He wasn't young, and he wasn't healthy either.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Can also convey the meaning of English adjetives additional, extra, spare:
    Bidh busaichean a bharrachd a dol ann aig àm na fèise. - Extra buses go there at the time of the festival.
    Bha dìreach aon phaidhir shocaisean a bharrachd agam. - I had just one pair of spare socks.

Derived terms[edit]