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Blend of bar +‎ restaurant


barstaurant (plural barstaurants)

  1. (chiefly Chicago) A combined bar and restaurant.
    • 1998, August 18, The Most Famous Flutist from Kitsch to Fine Art, Kokopelli is King[1], Colorado Springs:
      It's hard to find spiritual reverence in an advertisement for "Kokopelli," a Chicago "barstaurant" that "endeavors to honor its namesake [] "
    • 2005 October 7, Martha Bayne, Kathie Bergquist, Mike Sula, “The Hot New Barstaurant, Fancified Mexican, and Upscale Irish”, in Chicago Reader[2]:
      Thus the owners of Boka hope to imprint an atmosphere of fellowship on their new venture, LANDMARK, a noisy and for the moment crowded barstaurant at the epicenter of the neighborhood once voted Most in Denial of the Housing Project Next Door.
    • 2007 June 1, “What's New: Rustic Italian, Coal-Oven Pizza, and Thai Tapas”, in Chicago Reader[3]:
      I was a little surprised to hear that the owner of this so-called "regionally inspired," "rustic," tin-ceilinged Italian spot was also a partner in the generic barstaurant Charlie's Ale House next door.