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Old English bere (barley) +‎ -tūn (place).


barton (plural bartons)

  1. A farmyard.
    • 1816, John Keats, "For there's Bishop's Teign":
      There's the barton rich / With dyke and ditch / And hedge for the thrush to live in [...].
    • 1915, Thomas Hardy, "The Oxen":
      So fair a fancy few would weave / In these years! Yet, I feel, / If someone said on Christmas Eve, / “Come; see the oxen kneel, / “In the lonely barton by yonder coomb / Our childhood used to know,” / I should go with him in the gloom, / Hoping it might be so.
  2. the lands of a manor reserved for the Lord's use
  3. (archaic) an arrangement of blocks and pulleys; a burton