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base +‎ -ification


basification (countable and uncountable, plural basifications)

  1. (chemistry) The act or process of making something more basic; raising the pH of something.
    • 1980, A. W. Bally, Dynamics of Plate Interiors, ISBN 0875905080, page 49:
      In the process of basification, the top layer of the crust becomes basic, while the lower becomes ultrabasic acquiring the density of the mantle or an even greater density
    • 1992, Richard W. Hemingway, ‎Peter E. Laks, & ‎Susan J. Branham, Plant Polyphenols: Synthesis, Properties, Significance, ISBN 0306442523, page 1028:
      Thereafter, the pH is increased in two stages (basification and then neutralization) to facilitate aluminum complexation and fixation.
    • 2009, Anthony D. Covington & ‎Tony Covington, Tanning Chemistry: The Science of Leather, ISBN 0854041702, page 233:
      Early basification applies when the tannage is basified right at the start of the process: the solution of the basifying agent is added immediately after adding the chrome in solution.