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basterd (plural basterds)

  1. Alternative spelling of bastard
    • 1975, Wright Morris, My Uncle Dudley, page 12:
      "You're tryin to be a slick basterd," Uncle Dudley said.
    • 1991, Richard Wright, "Big Boy Leaves Home", in Dorothy Abbott and ‎Susan Koppelman, The Signet Classic Book of Southern Short Stories, page 238:
      "Aw, we got this basterd now!" said Lester.
    • 2005, Bonnie Ramey Standridge, Death Surrounds Her, page 142:
      "That was pure luck you little basterd." He said. "I told you before we played the game. I said you wasn't going to take my money you rotten little basterd."
    • 2008, John Fox, A Colliers Daughter, page 254:
      Dennis warned, “A dunt want any fuckin' bloke in my 'ouse. That basterd Luke were a basterd 'e were, a basterd.”
    • 2010, Elaina Ryan, What Changed, page 172:
      “Is your basterd acting like it's father?” Jay asked. “Don't call my baby a ...” I tried to tell her not to call my baby a basterd but the morning sickness was kicking my ass.