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Tablotenisa batilo


From bati (to hit) +‎ -ilo.


  • IPA(key): /baˈtilo/
  • Hyphenation: ba‧ti‧lo
  • Rhymes: -ilo


batilo (accusative singular batilon, plural batiloj, accusative plural batilojn)

  1. (sports) racket (in tennis, racquetball, etc.)
  2. (baseball) baseball bat
  3. (golf) golf club
  4. (sports) ping pong paddle, bat, or racket.


Usage notes[edit]

A batilo (literally hitting device) and a pilkoĵetilo (literally ball throwing device) are used to refer to any piece of sports equipment used to strike a ball and can be used interchangeably (though batilo is far more common). Rakedo and raketo carries with them the sense of a piece of sports equipment with a handle below a large circular or oval striking surface. A tennis racket and a golf club are both batiloj, but neither a baseball bat nor a golf club is a rakedo. A raketo is also used to refer to a rocket or missile.