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From Batrachomyomachia (Ancient Greek βάτραχος, frog, μῦς, mouse, and μάχη, battle), a comic epic parodying the Iliad in which a diving frog accidentally drowns a mouse riding on his back, prompting a war between the species.


batrachomyomachian (comparative more batrachomyomachian, superlative most batrachomyomachian)

  1. (rare) Petty (chiefly of a quarrel).
    • 1933, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Earl Leslie Griggs, Philip Hamilton McMillan, Unpublished Letters of Samuel Taylor Coleridge
      ...sounded throughout to my own ears as a Batrachomyomachian battle between the croaks and the squeaks...
    • 1971, Edwin Harrison Cady, The Light of Common Day: Realism in American Fiction
      The batrachomyomachian cure for the superhuman ego is to chop it off at the knees and cut it down to a human, preferably humane, level.