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From Middle English bataylous, from Old French bataillos, from bataille (battle); equivalent to battle +‎ -ous.


battailous (comparative more battailous, superlative most battailous)

  1. (obsolete) Warlike, battle-ready.
    • 1590, Edmund Spenser, “Book I, Canto V”, in The Faerie Queene. [], London: [] [John Wolfe] for William Ponsonbie, →OCLC:
      He started vp, and did him selfe prepaire, / In sun-bright armes, and battailous array: / For with that Pagan proud he combat will that day.
    • 1819, John Keats, Otho the Great, act IV, scene II, verses 90-91:
      Lie! — but begone all ceremonious points
      Of honour battailous. I could not turn
      My wrath against thee for the orbed world.