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battle-damaged (comparative more battle-damaged, superlative most battle-damaged)

  1. Damaged during battle.
    • 1971, United States Department of Defense, High School News Service, Report - High School News Service[1], Department of Defense, High School News Service, page 11:
      It is easier, faster and less expensive to replace battle-damaged areas of operational aircraft than to attempt to repair the damage on the scene.
    • 1979, Edward Jablonski, Airwar[2], Doubleday, page 191:
      The group lost a total of nine B-I7s on the mission, six over enemy-held territory and three battle-damaged planes abandoned over Britain.
    • 1980, Gunther Lutz, Attack Anzio![3], Sphere, →ISBN, page 155:
      Wedel sighed and looked uneasily at the back of Holst’s battle-damaged Semovente.