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battle buddy (plural battle buddies)

  1. (US, military) Another servicemember assigned to mutually help another under the battle buddy system, and by extension any comrade.
    • 2011, Yolanda Jones, Scarred, But Not Broken: My Personal Experience as a Single Mom, page 75
      I didn't know why, but I cut through and took a shorter route and I happened to bump into my battle buddy (SSG). As I piece everything together, I remembered my battle buddy telling me that I was scaring him, because I had “that look”
    • 2011, Robert Brock, Turkey Mountain Boys: My Brother's Keeper, page 73
      You don't do anything without your battle buddy. If your battle buddy does something stupid, you pay for it.
    • 2011, Michael Craig Volkin, The ultimate basic training guidebook: tips, tricks, and tactics, age 41
      To teach you this lesson, your Drill Sergeants will assign you a battle buddy.
    • 2011, Rod Powers, Basic Training for Dummies, page 172
      In fact, the system works so well that the Army has expanded the battle buddy system to units other than basic training

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