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Scottish Gaelic[edit]


From Old Irish becán m ‎(a little, small quantity) (compare Irish beagán, Manx beggan); synchronically, beag ‎(small, little) +‎ -an



beagan m ‎(genitive singular beagain, no plural)

  1. a few, a small number
    beagan mhionaidean‎ ― a few minutes
    an ceann beagain làithean‎ ― at the end of a few days
  2. a little, a small amount, bit, a bit
    beagan uisge‎ ― a little water
    beagan bìdh‎ ― a bit of food

Usage notes[edit]

  • Followed by the genitive case, de and the dative case, or a prepositional pronoun derived from de:
    beagan ime / beagan de dh'ìm‎ ― a small amount of butter
    beagan dhinn‎ ― a few of us
  • Used where English uses determiner, adverb or pronoun.
    beagan chàirdean‎ ― a few friends
    beagan dhiubh‎ ― a small number of them
    beagan nas sine‎ ― a bit older / slightly older
    beagan nas slaodaiche‎ ― a little more slowly
    Tha i dìreach beagan is còig ceud meatair.‎ ― It’s just a little over five hundred metres.
    Tha airgead aig beagan.‎ ― A few [people] have money.
    Bha e doirbh airson bheagain.‎ ― It was difficult for a few.


Related terms[edit]