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From the Star Trek franchise.


beam up (third-person singular simple present beams up, present participle beaming up, simple past and past participle beamed up)

  1. (science fiction, transitive) To teleport (someone or something) using a (fictional) device, especially from the surface of a planet to an orbiting starship.
  2. (science fiction, intransitive) To be teleported, or to teleport oneself, in this manner.
  3. (intransitive) To appear suddenly, as if by teleport.
  4. (slang) To get high on drugs, especially crack cocaine.
    • 1991, New Jack City:
      Pookie: "They call it the "Enterprise Room", man, because it's for people who wanna be beamed up to Scotty."
    • 2004, Hayes, Teddy, Blood Red Blues, →ISBN, page 75:
      Crack cocaine done gave straight-up pimping a nosebleed in the ghetto. 'Specially when crack hoes be trickin for two or three dollars, just to get enough to beam up, how you gon charge a John a hundred or two hundred bucks?

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