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beaming (comparative more beaming, superlative most beaming)

  1. Smilingly happy; showing happy emotion.
    • c.1846-1848, Charles Dickens, Dombey and Son,
      The honest Captain, with his Heart's Delight in the house, and Susan tending her, was a beaming and a happy man. As the days flew by, he grew more beaming and more happy, every day.



  1. present participle of beam


beaming (plural beamings)

  1. The act of someone or something that beams.
    • 1826, Humphry William Woolrych, The Life of the Right Honourable Sir Edward Coke, Knt
      The auspicious beamings of the Reformation had indeed shed forth a partial light; but the gloomy sternness of Henry, and the arbitrary capriciousness of Elizabeth, were but ill calculated to give due energy to the new state of things []