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From be- (on, upon, over, all over) +‎ chill.


bechill (third-person singular simple present bechills, present participle bechilling, simple past and past participle bechilled)

  1. (transitive) To effect a chill upon; give a chill to; chill all over; make chilly.
    • 1875, Nathaniel Dunn, Satan chained: a poem - Page 69:
      The god, in fine, of every savage tribe. And as he stood, a thrill of dread instinct, As from a serpent coiled, bechilled the whole Assembly.
    • 1890, Samuel R Brown, May-day dreams, Passion flowers, Poetic flights and prosy thoughts:
      What brings the tears to other eyes But freezes them in mine, And what bechills another heart Fans into flame my own.
    • 1991, W. H. Auden, Collected Poems: Auden - Page 342:
      Louder on nights when in cold glory The full moon made its meditative tour, To rich chords from her grand black piano She sang the disappointment that is Man For all her lawns and orchards: Slowly The spreading ache bechills the rampant glow Of fortune-hunting blood, [...]
    • 2006, Michele Hauf, Rhiana:
      "[...] The weather bechills me, and the wounded rampant will not show again this day, to be sure."
    • 2009, Marion Dianne Werra-Baburchak, Reflections on Water - Page 113:
      Attempting rescue from bechilled tomorrows [...]

Derived terms[edit]