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be- +‎ drape



bedrape (third-person singular simple present bedrapes, present participle bedraping, simple past and past participle bedraped)

  1. (archaic) To dress, clothe
    • 1913, Perceval Gibbon, The Second Class Passenger[1]:
      Shift and bedeck and bedrape her as they might, she was yet the Burdock; her lights would run down the Channel with no new consciousness in their stare, and there was work and peril for men aboard of her as of old.
    • 1910, Grace MacGowan Cooke, The Power and the Glory[2]:
      We moderns bedeck and bedrape us in all sorts of meretricious togas, till a pair of fine eyes and a dashing manner pass for beauty; but when life tries the metal--when nature applies her inevitable test--the degenerate or neurotic type goes to the wall."