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bedroom +‎ -y


bedroomy (comparative more bedroomy, superlative most bedroomy)

  1. Resembling or characteristic of a bedroom; thus, intimate or sleepy
    • 1881, Henry James, The Portrait of a Lady[1]:
      It was occupied by a primary school for children of both sexes, kept or rather let go, by a demonstrative lady of whom Isabel's chief recollection was that her hair was fastened with strange bedroomy combs at the temples and that she was the widow of some one of consequence.
    • 1890, Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney, We Girls: A Home Story[2]:
      When we brought our furniture from the house in the town, the large front rooms and the open halls used it up so, that it seemed as if there were hardly anything left but bedsteads and washstands and bureaus,--the very things that make up-stairs look so very bedroomy.
    • 2005 September 9, Jessica Hopper, “Portastatic, Tenement Halls”, in Chicago Reader[3]:
      Made entirely in a proper studio, without the home recordings that supplement the other Portastatic discs, it sounds bright and sparkly--the occasional string part adds a classy shine to the familiar Marshall-stack power punch of McCaughan's guitar, and even the quiet tunes are big and open instead of bedroomy.